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Donald Ritchie





Successful written communication ​requires accuracy, consistency, clarity and concision.


Whether you seek to persuade a stakeholder, investor, client or government agency, your message should be free from distractions.

Editing services help you craft the best message for your audience.


My services include developmental editing and advice, copyediting, and proofing a final work. 

Writing an application

Developmental Editing




I offer personalised and comprehensive services to help you refine your work.

I have experience in non-fiction editing across a range of fields including government, non-government organisations, law, criminology, policy and academia.

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Developmental Editing:
Law, Government, Academia

Transform your non-fiction work with expert developmental editing, focusing on content evaluation, concept development and voice refinement.

An abstract image of archways rendered in white plaster, representing a more complete structure and the less interventionist style of copyediting.

Non-fiction Copyediting

Elevate the quality of your content with meticulous copyediting, ensuring clarity, precision and technical accuracy, while refining grammar, syntax and consistency.

Modern Art Structure

Non-fiction Proofreading

Give your non-fiction work the final polish it deserves with expert proofreading, ensuring content that is error-free, consistent and professionally formatted.



After more than 15 years of experience in the public sector, I possess specialised knowledge in law, criminology, policy and communications.


My professional background has equipped me with the expertise to edit an extensive range of documents, including web content, presentations, media releases, complex reports, briefings and business cases.

My sharp attention to detail, robust analytical skills and exceptional writing ability will help you craft high-quality and engaging content that effectively communicates with your audience.

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